Heartwork dvd

Edited: Spring 2014 DVD news will be announced that will change everything . . . stay tuned!

A visually captivating cinematic documentary featuring childhood photographer, Skye Hardwick, of Work of Heart Photography. The Heartwork DVD is an emotive collaboration that is heartfelt and inspiring.

Over twenty children were photographed to showcase the behind-the-scenes magic of Skye’s unique shooting style at hand-picked urban and rustic locations in both Pennsylvania and Louisiana.

In Skye’s own words: “Essentially the DVD is a documentary – the camera follows me as I photograph children with  voice over detailing what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. It was created as a way to show people how I photograph children. How I really photograph them. I tried to do this at Workshops, but with over twenty people all watching, I did not get authentic responses from the child as I do at a session — it wasn’t the same magic. With Josh filming in his un-obtrusive manner it was like a real session and people could get a true glimpse into how I do what I do.”

In addition to the documentary-nature of the DVD, there is also a newly added one-on-one teaching aspect for the viewer as Skye details her basic personal photoshop editing process, choosing good shooting locations, lighting, her inspirations and more.

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