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So, as I was perusing through Pintrest today I saw (and then pinned) the below image of a blog organizer.

Blog organizer? Yes, a blog organizer.

For those of you who are thinking “Why would someone need to organize their blog?” . . .  this post may not be for you. This is for those of you who are already out of your seat thrilled at the thought that a such thing exists.

Check out this fab “Blog Organizer” by My Girl Thursday. She’s offering free printable templates so you can get your blog in check too. How nice!

We all know that blogging is a great business tool. What a perfect way to connect with your (past & future) clients with interesting entries and the latest images. How many of you start with good intentions, but before you know it, weeks have gone by without a peep from you?

Remember, out of sight = out of mind.

Back to My Girl Thursday. I love what she says about planning out your blog posts. You can check it out by clicking here.

As I’ve said in my Workshop Workbook, I struggle with organization. The thorn in my side. Hats off to you Type A’s out there (though . . . I hear you have your own set of worries).

I recently discovered why all my former attempts at keeping an organization calendar have bombed. I need it in front of my face. The cute little calendar books? Useless to me. That’s why I’m excited about the calendar — though I worry I may fill it up with other stuff too.

Okay. Deep breath. It can be done.

Here’s another great article on utilizing a blog calendar.

Think of some topics you can write about on your blog. Who says you have to be stuck to the usual “Here’s what I got at my session last night . . .” posts.

Psssst. You don’t always have to blog about photography. Your readers are multifaceted and so are you.

{ Topic Ideas }

—-> If you’re a DIY Queen you’re all set! Thanks to the economy DIY is all the rage these days. So embrace your inner Martha and get blogging!

—-> What are you passionate about? A cause, a hobby, a book, a charity . . . write about it.

—-> Go beyond the typical recipe share — actually cook the recipe and document your journey. You don’t have to be Pioneer Woman (God love her). Just have fun with it!

—-> If you’re not into DIY I bet your kids are. Document them doing a fun new project and encourage your readers to do the same.

—-> Why not tackle organization? Your clients would love ideas on organization family photos, or assembling a snapshot album, etc. You can be honest about your struggles — blog readers like to know there’s a human behind the words.

{ More Blog Organization Templates }

—> Evelyn Kate Blog Template

—-> Living Lucurto Template

If you have any blog or even any business-related organization tips — would love to hear them!

Until next time!

- Skye, xoxo

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  1. ashley penned:

    Hi there! Thanks so much for featuring my blogging calendar by Evelyn Kate! I love getting organized and I’m loving that blog organizer as well :)

  2. Ginny Corbett penned:

    I need this……bad.

  3. Raemi Vermiglio penned:

    Skye, whoever you are, you are amazing. your work is amazing. your creativity is amazing. your contributions are amazing. Thank you. <3

  4. Charisse penned:

    Thanks Skye! Those look like great resources. Organization is also my thorn in my side. I have tried a million systems. Now I’m on toa mil two. :)

  5. thursday penned:

    Hi Skye! I’m so happy you like the blog organizers from Draw! Pilgrim. She is a serious talent and I can’t get enough of her design work. And thank you for sharing a link to my article on getting yourself and your blog organized. I really believe it’s a huge part of a successful blog – I hope your readers found some inspiration too!

  6. Bethany penned:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve used the Living Locurto weekly planner in the past, but I would like to try something different. LOVE these ideas.

  7. Wow! This blog looks reasonable like my disintegrated identical! It’s on a totally different thesis but it has bonny much the same page layout and design. Wonderful option of colors!

  8. Mary Morrow penned:

    Thanks bunches sweet Skye! :)

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